Who we are

CBTV is not a typical service provider. We are a team of professionals leveraging decades of experience in many phases of broadcast and remote production. We are collaborators who delight in solving sometimes significant technical challenges elegantly.

Our most recent endeavor involves providing remarkably high bandwidth internet services via satellite, but we do much more — we make things happen.

Internet and IP Trunking

100Mb/s+ Dedicated Bandwidth

With other temporary IP solutions, it is often difficult to predict the cost until it's too late. Using CBTV's IP trunking capabilities, you'll always get the bandwidth you need and know the cost upfront. Unlike other providers that promote 'off the shelf' VSAT or Ka-band technologies, our unique Ku-band solution is the optimal combination of price, reliability and performance.


  • Rapid deployment - measured in hours
  • Broadcast grade reliablity
  • Colossal bandwidth via satellite
  • Unmetered usage and predicatable costs
  • New workflows, including 4K 360° video and livestreaming


  • High profile events
  • Secure private networks
  • Disaster recovery
  • Remote sites
  • Alternative to outrageous venue internet pricing
  • Roadshows



  • Point-to-point private LAN
  • Extreme reliablity for critical demo


  • Remote off-grid location
  • High bandwidth internet for VIPs, press and staff

Insert Studios

Since 2009, the various Insert Studios have provided a vital news feedpoint and allowed guests to participate in and guide national discourse from remote cities.

Remote DVB and IP Transmission

Multiple satellite uplink trucks, stationed in New England and California. A network of partners enables transmission and production resources throughout North America and worldwide.


BYOBB - Bring Your Own (Cellular Video) Bonding Box

A game changing demonstration happened last week. My friends and clients in Mexico City took delivery of a new IP Modem/accelerator package for their locally based Ku band satellite uplink truck. They can now provide high bandwidth and reliable Internet and private Local Area Network services in addition to - or instead of - DVB (digital video broadcasting standard) HD backhaul.